• Manage the transformation journey end-to-end

    Discovery is just one step on the journey to cloud.

    AppScore’s assessment algorithm automatically calculates scores for Risk, Benefit and Complexity and a “7Rs” recommendation for each application.

    A dynamic workflow guides you through the end-to-end transformation of an application from current state to cloud.

    AppScore Dashboard
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    See for yourself how AppScore will benefit your transformation programme.

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  • No more spreadsheets

    AppScore’s server import screen provides an easy way to combine and cleanse server data from multiple sources including CSV data load and API. A fast, effective way to normalise OSes and DBs and associate servers with applications. And the best bit – no more time consuming data processing in spreadsheets.

    Slider Server Screen
  • Identify best execution venue for applications

    Go beyond lift-and-shift and identify the optimum location to run each application with assessment against the full 7Rs model. Scoring for Risk, Benefit and Complexity enables understanding of what’s involved in transformation.

    AppScore App Dashboard

AppScore helps organisations modernise applications for a hybrid cloud world.

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