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Attain expertise in the AppScore cloud migration and modernisation platform through our comprehensive course led by our team of seasoned cloud migration and modernisation experts.

With this course, you can maximize the benefits of your cloud migration and ensure your success.

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Be an AppScore Expert

Are you looking to take your skills and knowledge to the next level in the world of AppScore?

Become certified in our cloud migration and modernisation platform and gain a valuable asset that demonstrates your expertise, ensuring you get the most out of AppScore in your migration or modernisation project.

This course is primarily aimed at AppScore users and partners.

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Course Objectives: 

  • How to upload, cleanse and manage data in the platform, including server data, applications, interfaces, and databases via source files and API.
  • Understanding AppScore's Risk and Complexity scoring and how to customize it to meet your project requirements.
  • Adapting survey questions in the platform with confidence to give you complete control over how you capture and work with application information.
  • Create detailed cost models for on-premise and cloud including TCO analysis and multi-year cloud cost forecasts.
  • Building timelines and plans for your cloud migration project.
  • Using dashboards and reporting across the platform to collate and present information to stakeholders. 
  • Best practices for getting the most out of AppScore.
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How does the course work? 

  • Lead by experienced professionals, the course is made up of one-on-one or group sessions.
  • Upon completion of the course, you can choose to take a multi-choice exam to demonstrate knowledge of the platform and achieve certification.
  • Certification is valid for one year and will require attendance on a short refresher course each year to maintain your status and ensure you are up-to-date with the latest AppScore enhancements.


Get Certified
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Course Modules

The AppScore certification course is comprised of nine different modules that cover the following topics:

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Module 1 - Kickstart

  • Purpose of the product 
  • Overview of the 5-step Kickstart process from start to finish
  • Understanding each of the five Kickstart tabs
  • Exporting the data and resetting the Kickstart instance for a new assessment
  • Use cases for Kickstart
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Module 2 - AppScore introduction 

  • AppScore concepts and approach 
  • An overview of the platform end-to-end 
  • AppScore use cases and outcomes 
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Module 3 - Reporting 

  • Breaking down all the dashboards in the platform
  • Understanding reporting in-depth. 
  • How to utilise the Application Knowledge dashboard and Progress tracking Dashboard
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Module 4 - Data Input 

  • Overview of data input through manual entry and via CSV and API across: 
    1. Servers
    2. Applications
    3. Interfaces
    4. Databases 
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Module 5 - Applications 

  • Breaking down the application dashboard. 
  • Understanding each survey available in the platform and the effects. 
  • Generating Rs recommendations in the platform. 
  • An in-depth breakdown of assigned users and best policies around their use. 
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Module 6 - Editing Surveys 

  • Understanding the logic behind surveys in the platform. 
  • How to customise surveys including questions, answers and how Risk, Complexity and Benefit scores are calculated. 
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Module 7 - Planning and Transformation 

  • How to plan out and build transformation schedules in the platform. 
  • Understanding how to generate move groups using Applications and Server Groups. 
  • Edit and customise planning settings to match customer-specific planning estimates.  

Module 8 - Advisories 

  • Understanding the Cloud Cost Modeller. 
  • Understanding the On-Premises Cost Calculator. 
  • Understanding the Cloud Cost Forecaster. 
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Module 9 - Settings 

  • Understanding all of the settings available within AppScore and how to use them. 
  • A deep dive into users, role-based access and best practices when using users. 
  • How to configure and alter cloud providers within the platform. 


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