In this release we bring 3 powerful new developments to help you drive cloud transformation.

Deeper scoring. AppScore has always been about scoring applications to enable cloud adoption at scale.

We’re now taking scoring much deeper, in this release the AppScore becomes a score for Risk and Complexity of the current state of the application.

Then, for each of the Recommended or Possible 7Rs options, we provide a Risk, Complexity and Benefit score.

This enables you to better understand the current state of apps across the portfolio and also compare the 7Rs transformation options to understand what’s involved.

Deeper Scoring
Custom scoring sets
Custom scoring sets

From the outset in AppScore you’ve been able to capture any data you want about applications by adding your own datapoint capture questions.

Now, you can assign your own custom scores to these to create Custom Scoring Sets for processing by the AppScore algorithm.

Capture and score any application datapoint across Risk, Complexity and Benefit to support your transformation programme.

Datacenter weightings

For current state

Not all datacenters are equal. You can now assign Risk and Complexity scores to individual datacenters to include that in the AppScore.

For example: those that are more complex to work in, maybe they’re difficult to gain access to or not as well managed, you can assign a Complexity score to. Similarly, if you experience regular service interruption issues with a datacenter you could increase the Risk scoring to have this reflect in the AppScores for those applications that sit in that datacenter.

For transformation

Datacenter exits are a key driver for cloud adoption. Assign weightings to different datacenters to inform prioritisation in your transformation. For example, setting a Benefit score of zero for Retain and increasing the Benefit scores for the other 7Rs will prioritise exiting that datacenter.

Datacenter weightings