In this release we’ve brought some major new features to accelerate the discovery and assessment process.

Role-based access control

It’s now even easier to gather information on applications. We’ve introduced role-based access control enabling you to invite business users, technical staff and application owners to participate in the platform and provide data on their apps. This dramatically speeds up the data capture process and reduces the time taken tracking down information.

AppScore provides granular control not just over which applications they see but also which parts of the information they can see – business, technical or application.



User Management

User management has had a major upgrade, we’ve added in the ability to bulk create new users, invite users to the platform via email and also support for self-service password resets.

AppScore can send emails from your company domain via integration with your Office365, or G Suite subscription or via SMTP.


There’s now a new application summary report in Word format and the individual application assessment reports, previously in PDF, are also now available in Word format.

Providing these as downloadable Word docs enables you to easily copy and paste AppScore information into your own reports or use the AppScore reports on your own projects.

In beta is our new reporting feature including tabular application reports and new visualisations such as a Sankey graph showing.



Application transformation stage tracking

One of AppScore’s unique and powerful features is the iterative approach to data collection which reduces wasted effort by ensuring only the right amount of data is collected at each stage. We’ve now enhanced this further by implementing stage tracking through data collection and the transformation steps.