In this release we’ve added a new Group Management screen and added numerous new features to role-based access control.

Application group management

Groups have long been a part of AppScore, enabling you to bring applications together to create workstreams, move groups, for use in reporting or any other purpose.

In this release we’ve added a new Group Management feature to make it easier to manage application groupings. The new Application Groups screen provides full control over groups allowing you to create, edit, duplicate or delete groups and also work with the applications in those groups.



User Management

We’ve added more capabilities to AppScore’s new role-based access control features.

In this release you can now quickly bulk assign users to applications directly from the User Management screen.

Email reminders

Chasing up application owners, business users, and support personnel is a frustrating, time-consuming part of cloud assessments.

Email reminders in AppScore automates this process, significantly reducing the amount of time it takes to conduct assessments.




Within visualisations there’s a new scatter graph showing applications plotted against risk and complexity with colour indicators for their primary R assessment.