In this release we’ve introduced a major new feature – the Transformation Resource Cost Estimator.

Transformation resource cost estimator

AppScore now automatically calculates the cost of transformation for each of the identified Rs options.

Use one of our base effort templates or enter your person-day effort, AppScore automatically factors this based on the Risk and Complexity scores to generate estimates specific to each application.



Detailed resource profile

AppScore allows you to provide a detailed base effort for each of the Rs, enter an overhead % for project management and contingency and, of course, specify the day rate.

As you change the resource profile parameters AppScore instantly reprices the application transformation resource costs.

Bulk assign users to applications

We’ve made it easier to assign users to applications, within each application you can now assign multiple users from one dialog.



Export reports to PNG and CSV

Visualisations can now be exported to PNG and tabular reports in CSV. Enabling you to use AppScore visualisations directly in your presentations or documents, or process application data in your own databases or spreadsheets.