This release brings some major new features: the move group builder and transformation scheduler along with several other features and improvements.

Move group builder

Plan your route to cloud by forming move groups based on a wide range of data points such as the OS/DB versions used by the application, datacenter location, risk or complexity scores and many others.

For example: build a group of all applications with Windows Servers running old, out-of-support versions located in the London datacenter that have a low and medium complexity for cloud transformation.



Automatic transformation schedules

Create fully costed schedules for move groups. AppScore automatically calculates the resource effort required for transformation based on the application’s risk and complexity scores using a base effort model.

You control the resource profiles, day rates, durations and start and end dates, AppScore then generates a schedule and Gantt chart.

Uniquely, the effort and schedule is linked back to the application information: if a significant change occurs to the application, AppScore will automatically update the schedule accordingly.

Improvements to transformation costs

Several small improvement have been made to transformation costs:

  • You can now specify the currency.
  • The application transformation cost is included in the application summary report (Word or PDF).
  • Cost estimates can now be made visible only to Admins.


Dataset improvements

  • The server data model has been expanded to include a wider range of datapoints including current run cost, matched machine run cost and CPU, memory, disk size and utilisation.
  • The application interface table can now be populated via a CSV import.

UI and reporting enhancements

Several other small improvements have been made across the platform and a new visualisation report provided:

  • Add a client or project name to the top bar that appears in all screens.
  • Clicking on incomplete questions notification in the application list takes you straight through to the unanswered questions.
  • Generate an application summary report for a Group.
  • A Treemap visualisation provides an interactive view of applications and their servers.