In this release we introduce application current run cost calculations, the ability to choose which 7R to use and further improvements to planning.

Choose your preferred Rs option

You can now choose your preferred route to cloud from the 7Rs option.

This enables you to choose an option where multiple options are highlighted, for example where a Recommended option and Possible Options are identified.

Also, where you may want to lift-and-shift then transform later you can override the Recommended option.

Choosing a preferred option will update costs and schedules automatically (see note about manual override below).



Manual control over schedules

Once an application has been added to a move group and a schedule created, you can now manually control the transformation schedule for each application.

When AppScore recalculates the resource effort or duration use the Reset to Estimated Values button to update the days and duration to match.

This change to functionality is to ensure that schedules don’t automatically update and overwrite your planned dates. In a forthcoming release we’re introducing a toggle feature to enable you to auto-update or manual update as required.

Multi-tier sort in the Group builder

The Group builder now features a multi-tier sort allowing you to sort by multiple data points. For example: sort by risk, complexity, no of servers etc.



Current Run Cost

AppScore now calculates the total server run cost for your applications. Through AppScore’s detailed view of the servers that make up each application a total server run cost is calculated.

Server run costs can be loaded in from any discovery tool or CMDB via API or CSV or costs can be added individually or bulk edited in the Servers screen.