Introducing the ROI projector and future run cost estimator across the entire 7Rs to support business case production, a new app-to-app interface mapper and improved apps and server filtering.

5 year ROI projection

Understand the return on investment across the entire 7Rs to assist with your migration planning and business case creation.

ROI projections are built from current vs. future runs costs factoring in the cost of transformation for each of the Rs options.

2021.01 ROI projection

2021.01 Interface map

Application interface mapping

Understand application affinity with interface mapping at the application level.

Build application dependency maps that enable you to see the interconnectivity of the application portfolio.

Future run costs

Get an indicative future run cost for applications across the entire Rs.

See how the future run cost of one R compares to another based upon your programme assumptions.

2021.01 Future run costs

2021.01 Filters

Application and server search filtering

You can now perform detailed application and server filtering based on a range of criteria.

Search for apps or servers based on OS/DBs used, data centres, routes to cloud, risk and complexity and many more.