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AppScore Case Studies

Discover how we've helped various clients in their cloud migration and cloud acceleration projects. 

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Bringing ease and speed to application-centric cloud migration

DevOpsGroup discovered the many benefits of working with AppScore’s cloud migration platform, which made application-centric migration planning much faster, easier, and more effective.  


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Acceleration of Data Discovery

AppScore worked closely with the Six Degrees and client teams to process server and database information from a Movere assessment, which was ingested into the AppScore platform, and an application-centric view created.


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On-Premise Estate Assessment for Migration to AWS

SoftwareONE used the AppScore SaaS platform to gather and process data on a customer's on-premise estate and then determine and plan routes to the cloud and the costs.


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Datacenter exit to cloud

A global insurance client needed to exit a DR datacenter by a fixed date. The client had adopted a cloud-first strategy and this was to be their first cloud migration.


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How Softcat deployed an AWS cloud assessment service 

Softcat are working with a range of customers who require cloud assessment services to help accelerate their journey to AWS. 


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