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Bring speed and certainty to cloud migrations, from end-to-end, with our science-based approach. 

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Who's it for?

AppScore - CIOs and CTOs

CIOs and CTOs

Understand what goes to cloud (and what doesn’t), how much it costs and how long it takes.

AppScore - Programme Managers

Programme managers

Create a data-driven roadmap for your application transformations. Plan and execute migrations with certainty.

AppScore - Consultancies

Consultancies and service providers

A robust, repeatable, and scalable way to take your clients to cloud.

The science-based advantage

AppScore’s unique algorithmic scoring helps you to understand the risk, complexity and benefit of each application’s transformation assessed against the 7Rs.

Measure your applications against a known benchmark and feel confident in your transformations.

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Automate your planning

Rapidly build application move groups around your programme criteria, such as technical debt, data centre exit, transformation risk and complexity, or route to cloud.

AppScore automatically calculates resource effort and other programme costs, and generates migration schedules.

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A faster way to run cloud migrations

At every stage in the cloud migration process, AppScore reduces effort and minimises re-work through greater accuracy.

Combine data from first-generation discovery tools or CMDBs and capture data from application SMEs. Get to the cloud faster with automated production of resource effort and schedules, application assessment reports and cloud adoption plans in PDF and Word format. 

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Product features



Unlock the full benefits of the cloud by migrating apps, not just servers.

Go beyond lift-and-shift

Go beyond lift-and-shift

Do more than just Rehost. Assess your applications against the full 7Rs.

Automated planning

Automated planning

Rapidly build move groups and migration schedules.

Highly configurable

Highly configurable

No two transformations are the same. Align AppScore to your cloud objectives.


Speed and certainty

Tidy up your environments efficiently and be on your way to the cloud faster. 

Ongoing modernisation

Ongoing modernisation

Understand what comes next once you’re on the cloud.

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What our clients say

The support from AppScore to implement their product into our cloud migration process was excellent and ensured we exceeded our customer's expectations.

Edward Pearson - Principal Product Manager @ DevOps Group


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About Appscore

AppScore was founded by former staff of a major global bank who went on to start a cloud transformation consultancy.

They have first-hand experience of the challenges of running transformations and the frustrations that come with first-generation cloud migration tools. This led them to create AppScore, the next generation cloud migration platform.

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