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What is AppScore?

AppScore is a cloud migration and cloud modernisation platform that reduces risk and effort at every step of your cloud transformation project. 

AppScore’s unique algorithmic scoring helps you to understand the risk, complexity and benefit of each application’s transformation assessed against the 6Rs.

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Who's it for?

AppScore - CIOs and CTOs

CIOs and CTOs

Understand what goes to the cloud (and what doesn’t), how much it costs and how long it takes.

AppScore - Programme Managers

Programme managers

Create a data-driven roadmap for your application transformations. Plan and execute migrations with certainty.

AppScore - Consultancies

Consultancies and service providers

A robust, repeatable, and scalable way to take your clients to the cloud.

Product features


Application-centric migration

Unlock the full benefits of the cloud by migrating apps, not just servers.

Use AppScore to model applications including infrastructure items such as servers and databases, connectivity with other apps and services, and also important data points such as roadmap status, criticality, usage patterns and more.

These models enable you to map applications onto cloud services.

Go beyond lift-and-shift

Go beyond lift-and-shift

Do more than just Rehost. Assess your applications against the full 6Rs.

Rehosting to cloud provides a great starting point. Use AppScore to go beyond lift-and-shift and understand where you can move to cloud-native services such as PaaS databases, containers, or serverless technologies.

A simple to complete assessment provides a rapid analysis against the 6Rs and also suitability to relocate to a VMware on cloud solution. 


Automated planning

Automated planning

Rapidly build move groups and migration schedules.

AppScore's intelligent group builder helps you group applications and servers together for migration to the cloud. Create groups of apps or servers, or a combination of both, covering all use cases whether lift-and-shift of servers or apps transformation.

AppScore automatically produces estimates for migration effort and costs and forecasts for the consumption of cloud resources.

Highly configurable

Highly configurable

No two transformations are the same. Align AppScore to your cloud objectives.

AppScore is the most configurable migration platform available. Through simple configuration, it can quickly be aligned to your cloud project or programme objectives. 


Speed and certainty

The robust, repeatable process in AppScore brings speed and certainty to your cloud programme.

Speed, via reducing effort in data collection, processing and planning migration activities.

Through AppScore's unique scoring model, you can understand migration risks, issues and blockers and proceed confidently.

Ongoing modernisation

Ongoing modernisation

Whilst the cloud journey may start in the data centre it doesn't finish once on the cloud.

AppScore helps you understand what to do next, whether to re-platform apps onto database PaaS services, containerise, refactor or rebuild to serverless or improve FinOps such as introducing cloud parking or application-specific cost improvements.

Resources and Updates

AppScore is continuously being updated and developed with new features which you can discover on our product updates page. 

We also have some useful resources such as sample assessment plans, transformation plans and a sample application summary report, as well as the AppScore datasheet available on our useful resources page. 


Don't just take our word for it

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What our clients say

The support from AppScore to implement their product into our cloud migration process was excellent and ensured we exceeded our customer's expectations.

Edward Pearson - Regional Head of Consulting (EMEA) @ DevOpsGroup, an Amdocs company

Access the AppScore Sandbox

Fill in the form to gain access to a sandbox environment of the AppScore platform.  

Discover how you can:

  • Use data from various sources  to build an application-centric picture of your estate
  • Understand the different options available with assessment against the entire 6Rs
  • Score applications for risk, complexity and benefit of transformation
  • Remove manual data processing and cost modelling
  • Build automated migration plans that dynamically link to application scoring
  • Create assessment reports and adoption plans quickly

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