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Azure Stack HCI

Unlocking the power of hybrid cloud

Many organisations struggle with balancing the need for flexibility and scalability with the need for control and security. Hybrid cloud solutions can help address these pain points by providing a balance between on-premises and cloud-based infrastructure.

However, with so many hybrid cloud solutions available, it can be difficult to determine which option will be the best fit for your organisation.

In this webinar, AppScore Co-Founder Geoff Davies and Node4 Cloud Technology Practice Director Andrew Slater will cover topics around hybrid cloud benefits; comparisons of Azure Stack HCI, Azure and on-premises solutions and real-world use cases.


Modernise on Azure

5 Ways to Modernise Apps on Azure

Modernising applications onto Azure enables organisations to update processes, systems and tools to be cloud-native. In doing so, improving organisational and technological performance, enhancing the quality of customer and employee experiences, and accelerating time to market for new offerings and updates.

In this webinar, AppScore Co-Founder, Geoff Davies, and SoftwareONE's General Manager for Azure, Gordon Davey, discuss five ways to modernise applications onto Microsoft Azure and how to apply those methods in your organisation to deliver successful modernisation.

This webinar is aimed at CIOs, CTOs, Programme and Project Managers, Cloud Solution Architects and other professionals involved in delivering cloud modernisation.

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Cloud Migration

Cloud migration lessons learned

Almost all organisations are accelerating their cloud adoptions due to the cloud's proven benefits. Indeed, nearly half of all enterprise workloads are now on a public cloud. However, recent research shows that nearly one-third of all cloud migrations fail and over half of all cloud migration projects take longer to complete than planned and exceed project budgets.

In this webinar, AppScore Co-Founder, Geoff Davies, and DevOpsGroup Cloud Solutions Architect and AWS Ambassador, Colin Barker, reveal the top reasons that cloud migrations fail, and the things you can do in your organisation to avoid them.

This webinar is aimed at CIOs, CTOs, Programme and Project Managers, Cloud Solution Architects and other professionals involved in delivering cloud migrations.

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Cloud Acceleration

How to accelerate your cloud migration

One of the greatest impediments to successful cloud migration is a lack of understanding of the IT estate to be migrated. 1st generation cloud migration tools [such as Cloudamize, Cloudscape or CloudChomp] only capture part of the data and lack business context, resulting in migrations that run overtime, are over budget and fail to deliver expected value.

In this webinar, we reveal the inner workings of AppScore's Cloud Accelerator which is used by partners and customers to properly understand the application portfolio and conduct highly successful cloud migrations, whether that's a lift-and-shift or a transformation against the full range of the 6Rs or 7Rs.

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