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5 ways to modernise apps on Azure whitepaper preview

5 ways to modernise apps on Azure

Produced with leading cloud solutions expert, SoftwareOne, this whitepaper provides you with 5 key ways to successfully modernise on Azure.

Learn: how to go beyond lift and shift, which is better: containers or code, why running your database on the cloud is such a big deal, what other aspects of application architecture provide an easy route for re-platforming/ modernisation and what to do with the parts of your estate that just cannot be modernised. 



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Cloud migration lessons learned preview

Cloud migration lessons learned

Produced in conjunction with leading cloud migration specialist, DevOpsGroup, this guide provides you with everything you need to achieve a successful cloud migration.  

Learn: main challenges, how to overcome challenges, how to identify and manage workloads, how to set up a successful project, and what a successful project looks like


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How to accelerate your cloud migration

With our 3 point plan demonstrated in our accelerate your cloud migration webinar, you'll have the complete guide you need to successfully complete your cloud migration on time. 

Learn: Data capture, impact reduction and stakeholder backing


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How to successfully plan a cloud transformation project

Say goodbye to sluggish cloud transformations that fail to deliver on the exciting promise of the cloud

Learn: goal setting, cultural alignment and project planning.


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