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AppScore Kickstart - the rapid cloud assessment tool designed to help you understand the costs of running on the cloud.

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Build your cloud migration business case

AppScore Kickstart helps you start your cloud journey. With Kickstart you can rapidly model your environment and engage stakeholders within your business. Or, for AppScore partners, Kickstart is a free-to-use pre-sales engagement tool to help customers understand the value of cloud and build a business case. 

Using a simple self-service process determine your cloud costs on AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and Oracle without deploying any agents. 

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Get an idea of your costs in 5 simple steps

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Step 1 - Questionnaire

Complete a simple multiple choice questionnaire on your cloud objectives.

This information is used to help build your business case for your cloud and identify financial incentives available from the cloud vendors.

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Step 2 - Upload Servers

Upload your server details, no agent deployment is needed.

Data can be uploaded via a CSV file or, for VMware users, simply provide an RVTools spreadsheet.

Only a minimal amount of data is needed: a simple list of servers containing number of CPUs, memory and disk is sufficient. However, more data can be provided such as performance metrics to improve the calculations and final output.

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Step 3 - Inventory

Use the server inventory to see the cloud compatibility status for lift-and-shift to AWS, Azure, Google Cloud or Oracle.

You can also view and edit servers to provide additional details such as applications running on the machines, environments in use, or hypervisor hosts.

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Step 4 - Cloud Cost Modeller

Understand the cost of running your environment on the cloud with a side-by-side comparison of costs for your servers across the four main cloud providers. 

Apply different modelling parameters such as region, rightsizing, Azure Hybrid Use Benefit and more.

The cost modeller shows you different purchase options including On-demand pricing and 1 and 3 year reservations. For each server a target machine type on cloud is identified, this list can be output for use on your project.

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Step 5 - Summary 

The summary dashboard brings all of the information together to help you build your business case.

See cost summaries by cloud, data centre, environments or applications and a 3-year view of the technical debt and supportability.

Your qualification for cloud vendor incentives is assessed and details provided. Cloud vendor incentives can be in excess of $500,000 of cash funding and credits.

All of the information can be exported into a PowerPoint presentation to build out your business case. 

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What our clients say

AppScore Kickstart helped us begin a new customer project by providing insights into early discovery that allowed us to understand the customer's environment better and demonstrate the cloud's potential value in advance. This enabled the customer to get exec sign-off to proceed with the project.

Shaun Ward - Cloud Technology Portfolio Director @ Claranet

Access the Kickstart Sandbox

Fill in the form to gain access to a sandbox environment of the AppScore Kickstart platform.  

Discover how you can:

  • Quickly get an idea of what your cloud costs will look like across the main cloud providers
  • Get an overview of the servers in your inventory and their cloud compatibility
  • Understand what servers in your data centre are ready to immediately lift and shift onto the cloud 
  • Rapidly build a business case to present to your company or customers with exportable graphics and PowerPoint presentations directly from Kickstart

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