Assigning servers to applications

This article takes you through how to assign servers to applications.

How To


Assign servers manually

Assign server's via the server upload CSV

Disassociating servers from applications

Assign servers manually

Within the platform you can assign servers manually to their associated applications, servers can be assigned to more than one application. This is done on the servers page:

Portfolio (Tab) - Servers (Drop Down) - Server Inventory (Sidebar)

On this page click on a server to bring up the dialog with the details of the server. To assign the server to an application, select 'Add application' this presents a list where you can select the application the server relates to. To associate the server with additional apps, click on 'Add application' again and choose another application.

Assigning a server to an application in AppScore

Once confirmed you can select 'Save' within the pop-up. The server is then associated with that application(s). 

Screenshot of server associated to applications in AppScore

To assign multiple servers to applications, select the required servers from the list on the Servers screen and choose 'Bulk Edit' button. Then follow the same steps as above to add the applications.

Assign server's via the server upload CSV

Alternatively, whilst uploading or re-uploading server information you can include the application name in the 'applications' column in the import file. Please see the process for uploading via the CSV.

Disassociating servers from applications

To remove the association between servers and applications, in the server detail dialogue use the 'Remove' button in the detail dialogue where you add the application.

Note: the bulk edit option cannot be used to remove associations. Alternatively, within the Technical Gallery of the application go to Servers and multi-select the servers and click on the Disassociate button.

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