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Azure Import / AWS Account Discovery Service Import Pre-Requisites

This article will take you through the process of steps you need to complete in Azure / AWS to import their files into AppScore

Azure Import

AWS Account Discovery

Azure Import

  1. Login to the Azure Console 
  2. Go to Virtual Machines 
  3. Click Manage View 
  4. Click Edit Columns
  5. Add the following columns from Properties
    1. Computer Name (Mandatory) 
    2. Resource ID (Mandatory) 
    3. Private IP Address (Optional) 
  6. Add the following columns from Tags (Optional)
    1. Application 
    2. Environment 
  7. Click Save 
  8. Click Export to CSV  
    1. Import into AppScore

    AWS Account Discovery


    To use AwsAccountDiscoveryCli with AWS CloudShell: 

    1. From any page or AWS Region in the AWS Management Console, open the AWS CloudShell to run the account discovery script shown next. Ensure that you are logged into the AWS Management Console with the correct level of permissions, see Prerequisites for AwsAccountDiscoveryCli


      Do not change the "--domain-owner 354220221581" and " --region us-west-2" parts shown; copy the script as-is. 

      python3 -m venv awsdiscovery 

      source ~/awsdiscovery/bin/activate 

      pip install pip --upgrade 

      aws codeartifact login --tool pip \ 

        --repository AwsAccountDiscoveryCli \ 

        --domain aws-account-discovery-cli \ 

        --domain-owner 354220221581 \ 

        --region us-west-2 

      pip install awsaccountdiscoverycli 

    2. Verify that the installation completed successfully:

      awsdiscover --version 

    3. Start the collection for the current account: 


    4. Discovery takes more time on large accounts. Once finished, compress the output folder to download the report: 

      tar -czvf DiscoveryReports.tar.gz /home/cloudshell-user/AwsAccountDiscoveryReports/ 

    5. Select  Actions  in the top right corner, then choose Download file. 
    6. For the  Individual file path, specify the following path and then choose  Download. 


    7. Import into AppScore