Cloud cost modeller

In this article we will be taking you through the process of applying cost models via the cloud cost modeller.

How To


Modelling Settings

Saving modelling costs for servers

Modelling settings

The cloud cost modeller is a tool within the platform that allows you to apply different future cloud cost models to groups of servers within the inventory.   This is achieved by creating a model using the available settings, applying the model to a selected group of servers and when ready, saving those settings (and costs) to the selected servers.

The cloud cost modeller can be found here:

Advisories (Tab) - Cloud Cost Modeller (Drop Down)

On this page you will see that you can make settings changes, this is to ensure you apply the most accurate pricing to the server according to its current usage and planned future use.  These settings are found in the 'Modelling Settings' section. 

The first setting you will see is the 'Standard configuration' section this allows you to price based on current configuration of the server or the sever rightsized to actual usage as well as planned running hours per month.

Setting Description
Configuration The server will be matched to a suitable cloud instance based on it's configured RAM and CPU.
Utilisation The server will be matched to a suitable cloud instance based on it's actual utilisation of RAM and CPU. (Rightsized)

This sections also allows you to define the amount of hours a month a server is estimated to be running.  For example, for a test or development environment you may reduce the default setting from 720 hours (running 24x7) if the server will be shut down outside working hours.

You will see specific settings relating to AWS, Azure and GCP to the right of the page. 

Once the appropriate settings have been selected, click on Apply Modelling Settings.

Saving modelled costs for servers

Once you have applied the settings above, you can then begin the process of applying these cost models to a group(s) of servers. Many data points can be used in the filters in the server list to find the appropriate servers to apply the model to.

Once the correct servers have been filtered, select the servers . Next you will want to choose the pricing model via the 'Save Cloud Cost' drop down. Finally once you have chosen your desired pricing model, you simply need to select 'Save Costs For Selected Servers'.

This will apply the cost model to these servers and feed through to the future run costs for these servers and associated applications. It will also apply these elements to the servers

  • Cloud Provider
  • Machine Name
  • Hours per Month
  • Saved Payment Type
  • Compute Price per Month
  • Compute Upfront Price
  • Compute Effective Price per Month
  • Storage Price per Month
  • Total Price per Month

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