How do I create an application interface?

You can document application-level interfaces for your businesses' internal and external data interchanges - This article provides information on creating an application interface.

The creation and viewing of application interface information is accessed through the "Technical Gallery" of each application and is available to all users 

  • On the Applications page click the name of the application that you want to access information on  application interfaces
  • Click 'Technical Gallery" then "Interfaces", here you can view interface information and create new ones 
  • You will see the following two options - This article provides information on "New Interface" 

Options for creating interfaces in AppScore

  • Click "New Interface"
  • Complete the "New Interface" information as required
  • For additional information use the "Interface Fields And Definitions"

If both applications are in AppScore, creating the interface in one application will dynamically be created on the other application.

Below is an example interface connectivity visualisation showing the application "Astrow" connecting to six internal applications (blue) and two external applications (orange).

An example of interface connectivity visualization

You have successfully created an application interface