Exporting Data out as a CSV

This article will take you through the methods for exporting data out of the AppScore platform in a CSV format.

Reports menu exports

Under the Reports menu is a set of tabular reports, these can be used to export data from AppScore. This is done on the following pages:

Reports (Tab) - Application / Server / Database Report (Sidebar)

Within these pages, you can add and remove columns, filter on any data points and export this data out as a CSV using the 'Export' button in the top left of the page.

Screen-based exports

Across the platform where there are table views such as Servers, Interfaces, and Databases you can find an Export button on the top row of the grid.

This will allow you to export all the information relating to each of these pages. So for example within the servers page, this would export all the data fields for each of the servers. Similarly for the Interfaces and Databases pages.

Any filters applied to these screens will also apply to the export.

For the Applications screen, there is an Export button on the row at the top. This will export all of the information relating to the applications such as the names, associated servers and the questionnaires and associated answers.

You can either export all applications or select applications using the checkbox and export the selected apps.

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