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How to enable Email integration in AppScore

Email Integration Overview


AppScore supports email integration with Office365, G Site and SendGrid SMTP for the sending of invitations and reminders to your users.

The following provides the instructions for integrating AppScore with your organisation's Email platform.

  Prerequisites for Email integration

  1. An account in your chosen Email platform (Office365, G Site and SendGrid SMTP)

  2. For the chosen Email provider, a Password/App Password for the sending email account

Configure Email Settings

Only AppScore Users with the Administrators Role can access the settings area within AppScore to set up Email integration.

  • Go to the Settings page (top right-hand corner on banner)
  • Choose the Email provider to be used

Email SMTP settings in AppScore

  • Enter the Email Outgoing Address  - See prerequisite 1 

  • Enter the Password/App Password - See prerequisite 2

  • Click Enabled to activate the feature

Email SMTP settings in AppScore

Testing Email Integration

  • To test connectivity, enter a recipients Email address and then Send

Test email screen

Additional Email settings

  • You can add a hyperlink to your AppScore instance for easier access for your users by using the AppScore URI field 
  • You can add your company logo to all outgoing Emails by providing the URI where AppScore can obtain your logo

Email template settings screen

Email Reminders 

  • You can send regular emails to your AppScore users reminding them to access AppScore and provide the required information to accelerate the data capture
  • Choose the cadence of Email reminders from the list below.

Email reminders screen in AppScore


Email integration with AppScore successfully configured