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How do I alter the AppScore application and business questionnaires?

How to create, remove and amend questions (data points) in AppScore

How To


The questions that appear on all the question screens are 100% configurable.  The questions and the answers in the Scoring and Recommendation section are weighted and scored and feed into the 7Rs current AppScore and the Transformation 7R scores.

All the questions are configured using the data point CVS file (DP.CSV).  (Weighting, scoring and tuning AppScore using the DP File is covered in the Tuning AppScore article)

To export the existing DP file, go to the main settings menu at the top left of the screen and click the Data Points menu item on the left-hand side of the screen.  From here all the current data points, scores and weightings can be viewed and the file can be downloaded by clicking the "Export data points file".

The columns in the DP file are used as follows:

Column Header Purpose Usage
Type Used by the system in some functions All rows should be prefixed "dp"
questionNotice To inform the user about important restrictions or mandatory questions that are needed for the system to function properly and should not be deleted N/A
questionID Unique ID for each question The user must provide a unique question ID when adding a new question
name Used by the system Do not amend existing entries
title The question that appears on the screen Enter the question text that should appear on the screen
sortOrder To set the order within the section of the page that the question appears Each answer for a single question should have the same sortOrder
optionID To apply a unique identifier for each answer within a question Assign a unique number to each answer within a question (e.g. 1, 2, 3, 4)
optionText These are answers that will be available on the screen Type in the answers that you want to appear on the screen.  Each answer needs all the question details to be repeated.
optionSortOrder To set the order of the answers for a question Order the answers for a question starting at 1 for the answer that will appear at the top.
description To display an additional description of the question Type in an additional description if required




To assign the question to one of the technical, business or application roles. Assign each question to ONE role by typing TRUE to assign, and FALSE for the non-assigned roles. Users can have multiple roles.  
internalUser To assign the question for access only by users with the internal role - This user role is primarily used by Partners

Assign each question by typing TRUE to assign for Internal only and FALSE to be accessed by all users - Note: This role can be used in addition to the technical, business and application roles.

group To set the section order on the page

A number and hyphen followed by the text you want to show

1 - Application Overview

2 - Application Delivery

fieldType To set the type of answer input

Select / Text / Notes / Multiselect

isActive To show or hide the question from the system

0 = Not Active

1 = Active

Scoring questions should not be made inactive

isRequired Denotes a mandatory field

0 = Not Mandatory

1 = Mandatory

Scoring questions must be made manatory

applicationStageCode Controls which screen the question appears on

0 = Signposting

1 = Scoring

2 = Current State Assessment

3 =  Deep Dive

4 = Future State Design

5 = Migration Design

6 = Migration Execution

Scoring Columns

R-B-C to refactorScores

Used to set weightings and scores for Current State (AppScore) and Transformation Scores

See Tuning AppScore article


Used to delete a question from the system

See the Delete a Question section below


Used to delete an answer from the system

Enter the question ID in the row that is required to be deleted


The short title that appears in filters and searches in the system

Enter the text that should appear in filters and searches in the system - Should be the same for all answers to a question. 

Questions without a shortTitle will not appear in any filters or searches in the system.

How to create a question

To create a question add the necessary rows using the table above as a guide into the downloaded data point file, ensuring the question has a unique ID number.  

All the application information needs to be populated in each row that contains an answer as per the diagram below:

application information in Excel table

Delete a question

To delete a question from AppScore, put the Question ID into all of the rows of the question in the deleteQuestion column.

Importing Amended Data

Once your file is ready to load, this is done by going to settings and the "load control data" menu item on the left.

To contact AppScore sales or support for any reason at all, simply email help@appscore.net and one of the team will get back to you. If your issue is urgent, please mark the email as URGENT in the subject line.