How do I change the strategy for cloud adoption & modernisation?

You can change your cloud adoption & modernisation strategy across your complete application portfolio - This article provides information on strategy and where to change this at the global (default) level.

Changing the strategy at the global level is performed by Administrators and accessed through SETTINGS (Cog icon) in the top right-hand corner of the screen and then GENERAL  from the left-hand menu.

AppScore has three strategies that you can choose from to assess your applications against possible 7Rs routes, these are:

Speed, Cloud Optimised and Cloud-Native.

  • Speed - Migrate applications at pace to your target cloud with minimal or no changes
  • Cloud Optimised - A balance between speed and cloud-native. Migrate applications and leverage cloud-native features where possible to reduce costs and improve scalability and resiliency
  • Cloud-Native - Transform applications and leverage application service-oriented (or server-less) architectures to boost agility, resiliency and cost savings

Changing the default strategy will reassess all your applications against possible 7Rs routes when they are following the default strategy

  • Click "Settings", then "General" 
  • Locate the section "Default Strategy"
  • Change the "Default Strategy" to your required strategy
  • 7Rs routes will be updated and aligned to the new strategy

Cloud adoption and modernisation strategy can also be changed at the individual application level