How do I create application move groups using the group builder?

Using the group builder to create move groups (and standard groups)

The Group Builder is used to search, filter and sort applications to find groups of applications that share certain characteristics in order to deliver against project objectives. For instance, applications that are located in a certain Data Centre, or have out-of-support technology can be placed into a move group. The Group Builder can also be used to create groups based on certain targets, such as cost or total server count.

Choosing the Columns

Clicking into the column selector will produce a list of all the available columns to add to the search results. To remove a column click the x next to the corresponding label.

Column selector

Applying Filters

Clicking into the filter selector will produce a list of available filters, once selected will enable a filter select list specific to the chosen filter that can be used to narrow down the search to the desired results.

The filters work independently of the column selector

The toggle switch can be selected to not include applications in the results that are already members of an Application Move Group.

Filter selector


The data returned can be sorted using a multi-tiered sorting function.

Sorting options

Where the data is a numerical range the data can be sorted by this value. Multiple columns can be added and the sort options are chosen. The columns are sorted in priority order starting from the left which can create application groupings within the data. For example, using the sort in the diagram above the results are returned as follows:

As shared servers are the primary sort field, where applications have the same number, then they are sorted by the secondary sort option.

To create an Application Group or an Application Move Group, either add all or select the applications to add and click the corresponding button.

Application group

If a Move Group is created it will automatically appear on the Transformation Schedule page.