How do I model pricing for cloud vendor VMs and block storage?

Using the cost modelling screen you are able to perform cost modelling assessments on your server portfolio to calculate future costs for workloads in the cloud

Modelling Settings

At the top of the cost modelling page, you will find the modelling settings that allow you to configure settings on the fly to perform cloud cost assessments. The settings for each cloud provider will be shown/hidden based on the cloud providers that have been selected in the administration area of the platform.

The additional setting that can't be found within the administration area called "Hours per month" will allow you to alter the hours per month used for on-demand pricing details.

An alteration in hours per month will allow you to model on-demand costs for workloads that may not fit the average 730 hours per month calculation.

For example, Dev/Test workloads that will be switched off out of business hours can have their pricing calculation altered by adjusting the hours setting.

To run a cloud pricing assessment once you have altered settings, click "Apply Modelling Settings"

Modelling settings

Cloud Provider cost summary blocks

For cloud pricing to be applied, each server must have the following information:-

For Configuration based pricing -  Operating System + CPU count + RAM amount + Disk amount

For Utilisation based pricing - Same as Configuration + Peak and/or Average CPU utilisation + Peak and/or Average RAM utilisation

The summary blocks above the pricing table will quickly show you the total workload sizes and costs for every respective cloud provider configured.

Note: The totals shown within the summary blocks will alter dynamically as you filter the modelling results table

Cloud provider cost summary blocks

Modelling Results Table

The modelling results table will detail the matched machines and pricing calculations for every respective cloud provider configured. The data for each cloud provider is a different colour in the table to allow them to visually stand out.

Modelling results table

Saving Modelled Costs for Servers

  • To save a modelled cost, select the servers you want to save a cost for in the modelling results table.

List of servers to save costs for in modelling results table

  • Next, choose which cloud cost you want to save for the servers selected by using the "Select Cloud Cost" dropdown to select the appropriate modelled price.
  • Then click the "Save costs for selected servers" button to save costs for a server.

Select cloud cost dropdown list

  • The following data points will be saved for the servers and will also be available to view within the modelling results table:
    • Cloud Provider
    • Machine Name
    • Hours per Month
    • Saved Payment Type
    • Compute Price per Month
    • Compute Upfront Price
    • Compute Effective Price per Month
    • Storage Price per Month
    • Total Price per Month

Modelling results table

You have successfully modelled cloud pricing and saved these costs to servers