How do I use the Finance Report?

The finance report shows the costs and ROI over a 5 year period aligned to the Transformation Schedule

The finance report shows the transformation costs and the ROI resulting from the transformation costs.  The system will use the values from the application and the dates from the transformation schedule to populate the finance report.

To see the year summary, collapse the year by clicking at the top of the grid by the year number.

Finance Report Expand

To add additional costs that are not part of an application's transformation costs, click the Add Cost button at the top of the screen.  The costs can be entered into Month 0 (before the first application's transformation start date) or any time during the 5-year period the report covers.

The additional costs will be included in the overall costs and ROI projections.

Where an application spans multiple months, the system will allocate the transformation costs proportionately over the entire transformation duration.