How do I use the Transformation Schedule to create a plan?

Using the Transformation Schedule to schedule move groups, applications and set dependencies

All move groups are automatically added to the transformation schedule.

When you create your first move group the system will prompt you to set a project start date if one doesn't already exist.

All applications and move groups will automatically be given the project start date as their starting date.

Use the toggle in the control panel to stop changes to durations from being automatically applied when the underlying data changes. If the auto-update toggle is turned off, the application can be updated by double clicking on the application in the table and following the prompt to accept the change

The project start date can be amended, this will cause all move groups and applications to move, maintaining their position in the plan relative to the start date. I.e. if the start date is moved forward 15 days all applications and move groups will also move forward by 15 days.

Estimated dates and durations and project start date screen


Applications will by default be given the same start date as the move group that they are added to.  Applications can then be adjusted by either changing the start date of the application manually or by adding an application dependency from within the same move group.  Application settings are accessed by clicking on the application in the table to open the application modal.

Application settings

Move groups can also be adjusted by clicking on the move group in the table and opening the move group modal.  Dates can be added manually or a move group dependency can be added.