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Creating data centres

In this article we will be taking you through the process of creating Data Centres in the platform.

How To


Creation of data centres

Editing / deleting data centres

Creation of data centres

The Data Centre page can be found here:

Settings (Cog) - Data Centres (Sidebar)

To create a new data centre, select the 'New' button featured in the top left of the page. This will then present a pop up with details to fill in for the creation of a new data centre.

When filling out this page, the only element that is mandatory is the 'Name' field. In the page we allow you to add details of:

  • Details of the provider of the Data Centre.
  • The contracted end date with this provider if applicable.
  • Any additional notes on the data centre that you may want stored in our platform.
  • Finally you can also add scores to Data Centres, these score will apply to applications that have over 50% of their servers in the relevant Data Centre.  See the AppScore Tuning page for more info.

Once you have filled out all the necessary details, you can save this via the 'Save' button featured in the bottom right of the pop up.

In some cases you may upload the server information prior to the generation of the data centre. In the event you do, you can generate the data centres from the servers screen by selecting the Red 'Required' label in the data centre field on the server inventory screen:

Portfolio (Tab) - Servers (Drop Down) - Server Inventory (Sidebar)

From here you can select the 'New' button and which will show the New Data Centre modal as already discussed.

If the Data Centre field is populated in the server inventory but not matched to a Data Centre in the platform, a Data Centre can be created using the imported value by clicking "Imported Value".

Editing / deleting data centres

To edit or delete a Data Centre, use the Data Centre screen from the main settings.

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