Creating applications

This article takes you through the process of generating Applications in AppScore.

How To


Manually adding in applications

Importing applications via a CSV

Importing applications via a server CSV

Deleting applications

Manually adding in applications

Applications can easily be created manually in the platform, this can be done via the following page:

Portfolio (Tab) - Applications (Drop Down)

From this page, select 'New Application'. In the pop up that appears enter the name of the application. Once confirmed, this can be saved via the 'Save' button. This will generate a new application in your AppScore instance. 

Importing applications via a CSV

To import applications via a CSV you can select the 'Import Applications' button featured on the applications page. The upload must contain the application name, and - if desired - can also contain the datapoints (questionnaire responses) to score the application.

IMPORTANT: The import template is specific to the question set (control file) you're using in that instance of AppScore, therefore it is recommended you ensure that you have the correct template by downloading a fresh copy using the button in the Import Applications screen.

Once you have entered your application information into the template, you can drag this into the pop up. This will then take you to the next page, where you can import file by selecting 'Import Applications'. You will then see applications populated in the applications screen.

NOTE: you do not need to complete all of the information in the template, the minimum information is an application name, the rest are non-mandatory. 

Creating applications when importing a server CSV

You can create applications when loading server data into AppScore via CSV. If you enter data into the Application Name field in the CSV, any application names not already in your AppScore instance will be created at the time of the server import. This will also assign the servers listed against these applications in the upload. Please see how to create servers.

Deleting applications

In the event you want to delete an application go to the application and open its Settings in the sidebar:

Portfolio (Tab) - Applications (Drop Down) - Selected Application - Settings (Sidebar)

Scroll to the bottom of that panel and choose Delete Application, a confirmation popup will appear. At the prompt type DELETE in caps and selecting the 'OK' button to confirm you want to delete the application. The application will be removed.

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