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Creating interfaces

In this article, we will take you through the steps to create an interface between 2 applications or between an application and an external source.

How To


Manually adding in interfaces

Importing interfaces via a CSV

Deleting Interfaces

Viewing Interfaces

Manually adding in interfaces

The first method we have available for generating interfaces into the platform is by entering the details of an interface manually into the platform. This can be done via the following pages:

Portfolio (Tab) - Interfaces (Drop Down)

Portfolio (Tab) - Applications (Drop Down) - Pick the relevant application - Technical Gallery (Side Bar) - Interfaces (Side Bar)

Select 'New Interface'. Once the pop-up appears specify the name of the source and target applications or external sources.  To add a source that is not an application from the application portfolio simply type the name of the source, and click "Create", this will not create an additional application, just a connection source or target. Add the available information to the other fields and click the "Save" button.  The interface will now be created. 

New interface pop entry pop-up

If the interface is an application-to-application interface, the reverse interface will also be created automatically.  I.e.  Source to Target/Target to Source.

Importing interfaces via a CSV

Portfolio (Tab) - Interfaces (Drop Down)

To import interfaces via a CSV select the 'Import Interfaces' button on the Interfaces portfolio page.

Download the template and enter each interface in a separate row. Each row must contain a source and target at a minimum. 

Import interfaces via a CSV screen

Either click and browse to the saved CSV file or drag it into the dotted area on the modal to upload.

Deleting interfaces

Portfolio (Tab) - Interfaces (Drop Down)

Select the interfaces that need to be deleted and select 'Delete', type DELETE in caps in the confirmation modal and select the 'OK' button. Once completed the interface(s) will be removed.

Delete interfaces option

Viewing Interfaces

We have two ways to view Interfaces in the platform. The first is:

Portfolio (Tab) - Interfaces (Drop Down)

The Global Interfaces Connectivity Chart (located under Portfolio, Interfaces) provides a chord diagram visualisation of the connectivity across your portfolio. Helping you to see how applications are linked in the estate.

The Portfolio Interface Chart is built up from the connectivity information recorded for each application, which can be imported from existing data, loaded from analysis tools or added manually.

22.17 Global Interfaces Connectivity Chart

The second way to view interfaces is within their associated applications:

Portfolio (Tab) - Applications (Drop Down) - Selected Application - Technical Gallery (Sidebar) - Interfaces (Drop Down)

We've updated the application Network Interface Chart (found under Technical Gallery, Interfaces under each application) to show multi-level connectivity providing you with deeper visibility of the application's connectivity.

22.17 Interface Network Chart

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