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How to import servers

This article covers through the different methods for uploading server data into the platform.

How To


Manually adding in servers

Importing servers via a CSV

Importing servers via the API

Deleting servers

Reimporting / Reuploading Server information

Manually adding in servers

The first method for getting server data into the platform is via filling out manually the details of a server into the platform. This can be done via the following page:

Portfolio (Tab) - Servers (Drop Down) - Server Inventory (Sidebar)

On this page select the 'New Server' button. 

New server input page

The essential data points that must be completed are as below. The other items are optional.

  • Server Name
  • Operating System
  • Data centre
  • Environment
  • Type

Click the 'Save' button on the bottom right of the pop-up.

NOTE: This method of server data collection is only recommended for small-scale projects or adding in a minimal number of missing servers.

Importing servers via a CSV

Server information can be imported via a CSV file. This information can be exported from discovery tools such as Cloudamize, CloudScape or similar or from your infrastructure platforms using a tool like RVTools. Data can be uploaded directly from your CSV file and the columns matched in the import screen, or you can amend your CSV to have the correct columns headers. The AppScore CSV template can also be populated.

NOTE: when using your own CSV file ensure that RAM and Disk are calculated in GB not MB. In the event, your export is in MB convert this in Excel with formula or = CELL/1024.

Once the CSV is ready import it via the 'Import Servers' button. This will present the following pop-up.

You can either drop the file in the specified box or alternatively click on this box and select the appropriate file from your computer. Once selected you will be taken to the next page, where you will need to match the column headers in the CSV file to the appropriate field names in AppScore.

Column match page for CSV file

Once the fields have been matched correctly, select the 'Confirm Columns' button. On the next page choose 'Import Servers', this then runs through adding the servers to the platform. Once completed you will find the servers inventory filled with the servers uploaded. 

You can import Server data into AppScore using an RVtools spreadsheet as well. For RVtools the file must be an XLSX file. AppScore will automatically extract all the required data points to populate AppScore. We have a guide for this here.

We also have the ability to upload a CSV from Azure and AWS. We have a guide for the prerequisites from these platforms here prior to uploading.

Importing servers via the API

In many cases you may have used a migration or discovery tool to capture server information, AppScore supports several providers allowing you to seamlessly load this information into the platform. You can do this via the following page:

Portfolio (Tab) - Servers (Drop Down) - Import Servers From API (Sidebar)

On this page you need to input the API information pertaining to the tool you are using, this can be done via the 'Open API Settings' button in the top left. Here you can add the details associated with the tool you want to import from.

Server import API settings

Once you have filled in the appropriate details, select the 'Save' button. This will take you back to the main Import From API screen. The API Service just added will now be listed. From here select the 'Import' button next to the service you want to use. Some APIs support additional parameters, if this is the case a pop-up will appear from where you can choose the import type.

Choose import type pop-up

We have a specific article for using Azure Migrate, featured here

Deleting servers

In some cases, you may want to delete servers that are added to the platform. This can be done via the following page:

Portfolio (Tab) - Servers (Drop Down) - Server Inventory (Sidebar)

Select the servers you want to remove by ticking their boxes. You can apply filters to find groups of servers to delete. Select 'Delete' at the top, the confirmation popup will appear. This will then prompt you to type DELETE in caps and select the 'OK' button. Once completed the servers will be removed.

Delete server popup

Reimporting / Re-uploading Server information

AppScore allows you to re-upload and refresh the data contained within the platform, this enables you to add information with a partial dataset as well as ensuring the data featured is up to date. This can be done by re-uploading a CSV for example.

The platform matches based upon the 'Server Name'. Any new information you want imported should be entered in the appropriate columns in the CSV file. Any fields you don't want to have information uploaded you should leave the fields blank which will keep the original data. 

This will function in a similar way when pulling from the API again. The match will be based upon the Server Name and any new information will be amended to the servers in the platform.

Common use cases for this method are to load initial server data from a CSV file whilst a discovery tool is being deployed. Once performance metrics have been captured, the data can be refreshed in AppScore via an API to the discovery tool. Or, data could be loaded via API or CSV from the discovery tool and then enriched with information such as environments, application names etc. using a CSV file provided by the infrastructure, application or support teams.

To contact AppScore sales or support for any reason at all, simply email help@appscore.net and one of the team will get back to you. If your issue is urgent, please mark the email as URGENT in the subject line.