How to link servers to applications

Linking servers to applications can be done in different ways

Existing servers can be linked to applications from the server's screen.

Servers can also be linked to applications using the server import CSV (see creating applications article) 

A server can be linked to multiple applications

To link a server to an existing application using the server's screen, click on the server to open the server modal, and chose the "Add application".

Use the filters to find the application(s) that you wish to link the server to.

To link the server to a new application, that doesn't exist currently in the system chose "New Application".

Once a server is linked to an application it will appear in the "Technical Gallery" under Servers and the scores from the range calculations will be calculated.

Server Modal

New servers can also be added using the application's technical gallery/servers screen, but existing servers cannot be linked from here at this time.