Guide To Getting Started with AppScore

Here is a compiled list of guides to get you up and running with AppScore in the order you should approach them.

Initial Set Up

1. Setting cloud providers

2. Creating data centres

3. How To Create Users and Assign Them Roles & Applications 

Import Server Data

4. What server data is needed

5. How to import servers

6. Server data normalisation

7. Creating Server Groups - Optional 

Create and work with Applications

8. Creating applications

9. Assigning servers to applications

Reviewing and setting up the Surveys

10. Capturing application data using surveys

11. Altering/Amending the Surveys - Optional

12. Tuning the AppScore scoring - Optional

Additional Data Capture

13. Creating interfaces

14. Creating databases


15. Understanding your route to cloud

16. Reviewing planning settings

17. Creating a transformation schedule

18. Set asset-level transformation activities

19. Cloud Cost Modeller

20. On-Premises Cost Calculator

21. Cloud Cost Forecaster


22. Dashboards

23. Application assessment report

24. Transformation report

To contact AppScore sales or support for any reason at all, simply email and one of the team will get back to you. If your issue is urgent, please mark the email as URGENT in the subject line.