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Requesting SaaS AppScore instances

How to request a SaaS AppScore instance (for direct customers and partners not purchasing via a marketplace)

You must be a current customer or partner to use this process.

  • Send an email to help@appscore.net with the following details:
    • Client or project name
    • New project or reactivation?
    • Number of servers
    • Start date
    • Number of months required
    • Name of your company/legal entity who is paying for the instance 
    • Name and email address of Order Form signatory (from your approved list)
  • The named signatory should then review and electronically sign the Order Form. Note: for customers on multi-use plans, a zero-charge Order Form will be created for the request if the total number of licensed servers on your account is within your commit level. If the request takes you above the commit level we'll contact you before proceeding. 
  • Once the Order Form is signed, we'll provision the AppScore instance and provide login details to the requestor.