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RVtools Import

AppScore allows for you to upload an RVtools Excel file directly into the platform without prior need of formatting the file.

File must be a standard RVTools XLSX file. AppScore will automatically extract all the required data points from the relevant tabs to populate AppScore. When dragged into the drop box for the Server Import screen.

22.15 RVTools import 2

The mandatory columns required in the RVTools file are listed below. Any columns missing will result in an error message popping up showing the missing fields.

Sheet in bold

Columns in Italic


  • Host
  • DataCenter
  • Cluster
  • ESX Version
  • # CPU
  • Cores per CPU
  • # Cores
  • CPU Usage %
  • # Memory
  • Memory Usage %


  • VM
  • Powerstate
  • CPUs
  • Memory
  • Provisioned Mib or Provisioned MB (depending on version of RVTools)
  • OS according to the configuration file
  • Host
  • DataCenter


  • Active
  • Size Mib or Size MB (depending on the version of RVTools)


  • Max
  • Overall

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