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Server data normalisation

This article takes you through the normalisation of data uploaded to the platform.

How To

Step By Step

When you first upload server data into the AppScore platform any unmatched data points will be shown with a red highlighted field stating '* Required'. On the first import, there will appear to be a lot of unmatched data however, this can be quickly resolved using the bulk matching feature. Future imports, once items like the data centre and environment names are loaded in AppScore, will be auto-matched.

To close the gaps and normalise the data go to:

Portfolio (Tab) - Servers  (Drop Down) - Server Inventory (Sidebar)

Turn on the toggle to "Show servers without mandatory information", this will filter the list to show only servers where mandatory information is either missing or not matched.

Servers where mandatory information is missing or not matched

Click on a red '* Required' field and use the Matching screen to associate the data from the load with the AppScore reference data.

Matching screen

The example above shows an Operating System match, AppScore's intelligent matching system provides you with a reduced list of likely matches. Choose the best match from these suggestions.

The Update Options selection at the bottom allows you to apply this match to a single server, or multiple servers at once. This enables you to cleanse data at scale within AppScore. 

Some fields may require you to generate a new element. For example with data centres or environments, if a new one is in the upload file or import that hasn't previously been generated, you can create the new element of data within this same pop-up as shown in the example below.

Match data centre pop-up

To save time processing data in spreadsheets, we recommend normalising your data once uploaded into the platform.

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