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What server data is needed

This article breaks down the server information used by AppScore and enables you to identify what is essential and also what is optional.

How To


Essential data

Configuration / utilisation data

Additional data

Essential Data

AppScore only requires 5 pieces of essential server data to operate. These are:

  • Server Name
  • Data Centre
  • Operating System
  • Type (Virtual or Physical)
  • Environment

This allows you to begin work on grouping servers together into applications and associated work on scoring the applications. AppScore allows you to continually import server data from CSV files or via API to keep the data refreshed.  Datas is matched on Server name.

Configuration / Utilisation Data

To best utilise AppScore it is recommended to capture the current configuration of the servers:

  • Current Number of Cores
  • Current RAM (GB)
  • Current Disk (GB)
  • Current Monthly Run Cost

Capturing utilisation statistics is also recommended:

  • Peak CPU Utilisation (%)
  • Average CPU Utilisation (%)
  • Peak RAM Utilisation (%)
  • Average Ram Utilisation (%)

Capturing these details allows you to use Cost Modelling and Right Sizing capabilities in the platform in the Cloud Cost Modeller.

Additional Data

You can also capture the following information for servers:

  • Application
  • Role
  • Database Technology
  • Matched Machine Type
  • Matched Machine Projected Monthly Cost
  • IP Address
  • Power Status
  • Server Owner Or SME (This feeds into Server Assigned in the Application & Technology Insights Dashboard)
  • Server Notes
  • VM Host
  • Cluster Name
  • Current Number Of CPU's
  • Number Of Cores Per CPU

To contact AppScore sales or support for any reason at all, simply email help@appscore.net and one of the team will get back to you. If your issue is urgent, please mark the email as URGENT in the subject line.