A closer look at the AppScore cloud migration and modernisation platform

A closer look at the AppScore cloud migration and modernisation platform

Posted by Geoff Davies on Feb 1, 2021 6:36:00 PM

The science behind cloud migration

AppScore's unique data-driven platform - the science behind cloud migration - provides the fastest way to discover and assess your applications and produce cloud transformation plans.

Once on cloud, AppScore shows you further transformation options enabling you to go beyond lift-and-shift.

In this blog we take a closer look at the platform that enables you to go beyond lift-and-shift and migrate to cloud, or on modernise once on cloud faster.

Application-centric view

AppScore provides an application-centric view of your IT estate, see your applications in greater detail than ever before with scores for risk, complexity and benefit, routes to cloud identified and technical debt highlighted.

AppScore 2021.14 Apps List

Detailed application assessment

AppScore provides a level of detail unmatched by migration or transformation tools. Each application is scored for risk, complexity and benefit of transformation, with routes to cloud or modernization options assessed against the 7Rs.

The application dashboard shows all of these details including costs of transformation, current and future run costs and a 5-year ROI.

AppScore 2021.14 application

Scores and Rs assessment:

AppScore 2021.14 Rs detail

AppScore combines servers, environment and data centre information with questionnaires to produce scores. These are collected iteratively via a four-step process - Signposting, Scoring, Current State Assessment and also Deep Dive (under the Transformation section).

The Rs assessment is created via decision logic based on four questions and your choice of cloud strategy. Scores are calculated via the configurable questionnaires, use one of our templates or create your own question set where you choose score value for each question and response pair.

2021.03 signposting

2021.03 Migration Strategy ring

Build up technical details on the application such as servers, databases and its interfaces with other applications (internal and external).
2021.01 interface map shadowServer and technical data in AppScore can be collected via API to popular discovery tools and management platforms or via CSV. Servers can be on-premise in data centres or VMs or bare metal machines on cloud platforms. 

The server screen is used to cleanse server data and match to applications. You can also see technical debt and OS/DB compatibility across the four main public clouds.

AppScore 2021.14 servers

Application questionnaires can be filled out on screen with subject matter experts (SMEs), data loaded from spreadsheet forms or automated capture from SMEs by assigning users to applications via role-based access control. Given the appropriate permissions, SMEs can also edit server associations and technical data for their applications.

2021.03 assigned users

Assessment reports can automatically be created at any time in editable Word or PDF format. See sample here: appscore.net/resources

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Once application and server data is captured, rapidly build move groups and transformation plans.

2021.03 scheduleSchedules are automatically built for move groups, which can be created using a range of criteria. The resource effort, durations and costs are calculated using a user supplied resource effort baseline which is factored for the risk and complexity of the applications.

2021.03 group builder

AppScore provides a scalable, robust and repeatable process for cloud migration and application modernisation.


The result? You get a data-based transformation strategy that'll allow your business to get in the cloud with complete confidence.


If you're ready to find out the true power of AppScore, request a demo today.