An overview of AppScore release 2021.05 April 21

An overview of AppScore release 2021.05 April 21

Posted by Geoff Davies on Apr 14, 2021 10:57:59 AM

Azure Migrate API integration

Bring server data direct from an Azure Migrate tenant into AppScore. If you have multiple Azure Migrate Projects or have created Assessment Projects and Project Groups, you can choose the relevant one from the list.

Once the servers are loaded into AppScore, cleanse the data and match to applications from the server screen.

Another big time saver when using AppScore - no more spreadsheet processing of Azure Migrate data.

2021.05 Azure Migrate import

Planning enhancements

We've added several enhancements to planning.

You can now specify an overall project start date. Move groups will automatically align to the start date, keeping in place any dependencies between groups.

This feature makes it much easier to adjust your plan, such as deferring project start dates or bringing them forward.

Build move groups based on your choice of data points (including your custom data points) such as data sovereignty, tech stacks, business process or any other data point in AppScore.

There's increased control over changing apps between move groups.

The Gantt chart is now auto-populated into the Transformation Plan Word document for the chosen Move Groups.

2021.05 Gantt

Dashboard and report improvements

A new progress dashboard showing stats on how applications are progressing through the workflow.

The risk and complexity scatter plot has been updated to enable comparisons between the Chosen and Recommended transformation routes and also see the current state.

2021.05 Progress dashboard

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