An overview of AppScore release 2021.10 June 21

An overview of AppScore release 2021.10 June 21

Posted by Geoff Davies on Jun 17, 2021 3:59:08 PM

AWS Migration Hub integration

Load server data directly from AWS Migration Hub to speed up your data collection process. If you've grouped servers into applications in Migration Hub, these application names will be used in AppScore to associate servers with applications.

2021.10 AWS Migration Hub API

Export plans to your preferred project tool

Speed up your planning by exporting transformation schedules from AppScore for use in Microsoft Project, SmartSheet, Jira, and other tools.

We've also added colour codes to the move groups to aid visibility in the Gantt.

2021.10 Export plan wider

UI and performance improvements

There's numerous UI improvements across the platform such as the colour keyed header rows and sticky headers in the Server screen, which aids list scrolling.

2021.10 UI server screen

Plus several performance enhancements and bug fixes.

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