An overview of AppScore release 2021.13 July 21

An overview of AppScore release 2021.13 July 21

Posted by Geoff Davies on Jul 27, 2021 7:07:57 PM

Which workload where?

Introducing the cloud compatibility checker. Want to know which cloud supports your workload? Now AppScore checks your servers against our list of nearly 500 OSs and DBs (includes major/minor versions and editions) to show on which of the four main public clouds it can natively run, you can also add your own private cloud into the checker.

AppScore is the only migration assessment tool that shows where you can run your applications.

2021.13 Cloud Compatbility

Internal notes and data capture

We've extended role-based access control to include a new "Internal" user type. This allows you to capture information visible only to your project team. Ideal for recording private notes or the results of pre-migration checks and validations.

As with all AppScore questionnaires, scores can be assigned to questions for inclusion in scoring - a feature unique to AppScore.2021.13 Internal user with mag

Technical debt timeline

Most application portfolios contain significant numbers of old operating systems and databases. With our new technical debt timeline visualisation you can determine current support status and see upcoming changes over the next 3 years.

2021.13 Tech debt timeline

Lock your Rs selection

Once you've determined your preferred route to cloud, you can now lock the Rs choice to ensure the transformation schedule isn't accidentally updated if the responses to the Signposting questions are changed.2021.13 Lock Rs

Plus there's several other performance enhancements and bug fixes.

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