An overview of AppScore release 2021.14 August 21

An overview of AppScore release 2021.14 August 21

Posted by Geoff Davies on Aug 23, 2021 6:30:35 PM

After lift-and-shift, what next?

Many organisations begin their cloud adoption journey with a lift-and-shift. To help you continue your modernisation journey AppScore now provides transformation options for migrated applications.

See what's next for your applications against the Rs model whether that's a Rearchitect, Refactor, Repurchase, or maybe Retain or Retire.  

A range of cloud VM and Bare Metal types are available covering all of the main public cloud platforms.

2021.14 Server gallery Azure app w recommendations

Server report

There's a new Server Report feature enabling you to create a tabular report including any server data point and their associated application data points.

The report can be filtered and sorted by a wide range of criteria and the exported report grouped by servers or applications as required.

2021.14 Server report

Other enhancements

We've also made improvements across the platform including adding the ability to bulk disassociate servers from an application in its Tech Gallery Server view other performance enhancements and bug fixes.

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