An overview of AppScore release 2021.16 September 21

An overview of AppScore release 2021.16 September 21

Posted by Geoff Davies on Sep 14, 2021 6:16:26 PM

Expanded server features and support for split migrations

In this release we introduce a number of features to support a range of transformation actions at the server level.

For example, you might want to perform split migrations of apps where you take groups of servers across at a time, e.g. test/dev before production.

To support this we've expanded the data points for servers. We've also made it easier to capture database information.

2021.16 Server screen

Server transformation action

For each server you can set a transformation action such as Lift-and-shift (Rehost/Relocate), Retain, Retire and so on. These can be different than the overall transformation R for the application enabling, for example, some servers to be Rehosted whilst whilst Retiring others.

Using the server report you can filter on a range of data points and export a list of servers for migration.

Expanded data points

The server data points has been expanded further, you can also record detailed notes against each server. Notes are highlighted with an icon in the server screen and also the technical gallery within an app.

2021.16 Server Tech Gallery

In the server screens you can now choose the columns to display and we've added horizontal scrolling to enable you to view more information.

Database information capture

2021.16 New Database

There's improvements to the database information capture screen where the database server and environment details is auto-populated using the database server information loaded into AppScore.

This is part of an expansion of database features coming in the next release.

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