An overview of AppScore Release 2021.19 October 21

An overview of AppScore Release 2021.19 October 21

Posted by Geoff Davies on Oct 22, 2021 7:45:32 PM

Simplify your database migration and modernisation

Migrating databases to PaaS is a quick and effective way to begin application modernisation. With our new database views and reports you can rapidly understand the databases in your estate and plan your PaaS migration.

2021.19 Database screen

Database screen

We've introduced a new database screen that provides an estate-wide database view. The screen can be filtered by a wide range of data points such as database technology, vendor support status, data centre, business criticality and so on.   

From the screen you can bulk import database information from scanning tools or management and monitoring platforms, and also manually add or delete databases.

Future run costs in Transformation Report

The future run costs are now output into the tables in the Transformation Report, so that you can see both transformation and cloud run costs in one place.

2021.19 Transformation report

Application search box

2021.19 Search box

We've added a quick search box for applications on the top menu bar. Enter an application name to go straight to that application.

Technical debt timeline in the Application Assessment Report

The technical debt timeline chart for an application is now included in the Application Assessment Report, providing a visual representation of the OS and DB vendor support status.

2021.19 Tech Debt TimelineProgress dashboards and other tweaks

We've updated the progress dashboards to enable easier tracking of where you are in the discovery, assessment, planning and execution stages.

There's also several other tweaks and bug fixes across the platform.

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