An overview of AppScore Release 2021.23 December 21

An overview of AppScore Release 2021.23 December 21

Posted by Geoff Davies on Dec 22, 2021 7:52:34 PM

Application Insights, Advisories and Activities

We've given the application dashboard a major revamp to improve readability and enable you to quickly find the information you need. Each application dashboard has three sections: Insights, Advisories and Activities.


2021.23 Insights

The Insights dashboard provides an overview of the application, highlighting important information you need to know including the AppScore, current run costs, and technical debt status across OS and DBs.

Advisories2021.23 Advisories

Advisories show the transformation options available for the application based on the 7Rs assessment with scores for each R that provides a contextual understanding of the risk, complexity and benefit of each option.

Activities2021.23 Activities

Under Activities you can see planned transformation activities for the application including transformation and future run costs, move group membership and move dates.

MUI Grids

2021.23 MUI grid w filter

We've rolled out the Material UI Grid across the platform for all tables. This provides a powerful way to organise data and an easy method to choose columns, ordering, and widths.

You can also apply multi-level filters and export the data direct from the grid. 

Progress dashboard

2021.23 Progress dashboard

There's a new dashboard through which you can track data collection and assessment progress in your AppScore project.

Bug fixes and general enhancements

And there's the usual bug fixes and general enhancements across the platform.

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