An overview of AppScore Release 2021.25 January 22

An overview of AppScore Release 2021.25 January 22

Posted by Geoff Davies on Jan 27, 2022 10:23:12 AM

Database modernisation

Migrating databases to cloud PaaS provides great efficiency and cost savings and is often the easiest way to begin app modernisation. PaaS database removes the need to patch, backup, secure and maintain the servers on which you host databases.

AppScore customers who have migrated apps to cloud report that moving databases from hosted servers to PaaS provides immediate estate simplification and other benefits, significantly reducing the TCO of their portfolio.

To help you understand the options available for your apps that have been lifted-and-shifted to cloud, AppScore now makes recommendations for suitable database modernisation options.

Modernisation advisories

Screenshot of AppScore's database recommendation

We've built an extensive dataset which maps all databases offerings to their PaaS equivalents across AWS and Azure, recommendations are made against this dataset to show you the available options. Future enhancements to this feature will be to show on-premise to cloud PaaS options.

Discovery progress trackingScreenshot of AppScore's Discovery Progress Dashboard

We've added a new dashboard and timeline view to enable you to better track application discovery progress. On the server screen we've also added a % complete bar for server datapoint completeness and number of servers mapped to apps.

Screenshot of AppScore's discovery timeline

AppScore API

In response to requests from partners and customers we have a public API in development. Get in touch if you're interested in joining the beta programme or want to discuss specific data you'd like to access via an API.  

Bug fixes and general enhancements

And there's the usual bug fixes and general enhancements across the platform.

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