An overview of AppScore Release 2022.01 February 22

An overview of AppScore Release 2022.01 February 22

Posted by Geoff Davies on Feb 22, 2022 6:57:57 PM

New insight dashboards

In this latest release of AppScore we introduce a new set of dashboards that provide powerful insights into your application portfolio.

Portfolio Insights

Screenshot of AppScore Portfolio Insights dashboard

The Portfolio Insights dashboard shows you key information about your portfolio such as the different types of applications, their distribution across data centres, tech debt of OS and DBs, how many are business critical, a summary of recommended routes to cloud and ease of migration.

Top 10 Business Critical Applications
Screenshot of AppScore's Top 10 Business Critical Apps Dashboard

Understand which are the most important apps in your portfolio and see information about them including levels of technical debt, which DCs they reside in and ease of migration to cloud.

Data Centres Summary

Screenshot of AppScore's Data Centres Summary DashboardThe Data Centres Summary dashboard provides a view from the data centre perspective enabling you to see the size of the data centres in your estate and levels of technical debt and timelines.

Navigation bar redesign

With the dramatic increase in features over the last year we've had to redesign the navigation bar to include all of the menu items. Items are now aligned to Insights, Portfolio, Advisories, Activities and Reports. Some of the items that used to be on the top bar you'll now find under sub menus.

Bug fixes and general enhancements

And there's the usual bug fixes and general enhancements across the platform.

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