An overview of AppScore Release 2022.03 March 22

An overview of AppScore Release 2022.03 March 22

Posted by Geoff Davies on Mar 31, 2022 1:26:30 PM

A new way to model cloud costs

The public beta of our new Cloud Cost Modeller is now available. With this feature, we're introducing a new way to model cloud costs that can't be done with any other tools.

To see how you can calculate multi-cloud pricing easier and in less time watch the video at the bottom of the page.

Cloud Cost Modeller

Screenshot of AppScore's Cloud Cost Modeller

Model costs across AWS, Azure, GCP and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with control over reservation types, support for dev/test burstable instances, instance type matching based on like-for-like or utilisation, and Azure Hybrid Use Benefit.

We keep cloud pricing up to date automatically via API from the cloud providers.

Apply individual pricing polices 
Screenshot of AppScore Cloud Cost Modeller showing test environment pricing

Uniquely, AppScore allows you to set different pricing policies for individual machines, groups of servers or applications.

For example, with your test and dev environments, you could set a reduced number of hours and use burstable instance types to reduce the cost. Or, with a strategic application, you could apply a 3-year reservation, or for servers that are slated for retirement use on-demand pricing.

All of these different price policies can be applied to build out a more accurate app portfolio cost model.

Instant filtering

2022.03 Instant filters2The instant filters in the Cloud Cost Modeller allow you to quickly see pricing for any filterable datapoint, such as application name, data centre, environment and so on without having to wait for the screen to update.

Watch the demo video to see this in action.

Export dashboard charts

Screenshot of AppScore Dashboard Export to PNG

Bug fixes and general enhancements

And there are the usual bug fixes and general enhancements across the platform.

For a demo of the latest updates book a session with our team. Contact our experts