An overview of AppScore Release 2022.05 May 22

An overview of AppScore Release 2022.05 May 22

Posted by Geoff Davies on May 8, 2022 3:31:05 PM

Create move groups based on application affinity

Understanding affinity between applications is a critical factor in migration planning. Making sure that applications which might share servers, have low-latency interfaces, or exchange high data volumes move together is a complex task.

With the updated group builder in AppScore you can now quickly form groups based on application affinity.

See a video demo of the new features at the bottom of this page.

Intelligent group builder

22.05 Linked apps pic

In the Group Builder when you select applications for grouping, the View Linked Applications button brings up a dialog box showing the applications that are linked by Shared Servers or by Interfaces.

From these tabs choose the additional apps you want to include in your application or move group, you can choose from either or both tabs. In the dialog box details are included on risk and complexity scores, transformation routes, or interface details to help you decide which other applications to include.

Linked apps in the transformation schedule

22.05 Trans schedule Linked apps

We've also added a View Linked Applications button to the Move Groups on the Transformation Schedule page. This allows you to quickly see any linked applications that you may wish to add to your move groups after creation.

Updated filters, bulk user updates and more

Dynamic filters are being updated across the platform. The Transformation Activities screen now has dynamically populated filters, enabling you to get to the information you want to see faster.

Bulk updates to users can now be applied by admins within the user administration screen.

There's also updates to the AppScore API and several other fixes and enhancements across the platform.

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