An Overview of AppScore Release 2022.07 May 22

An Overview of AppScore Release 2022.07 May 22

Posted by Geoff Davies on Jun 6, 2022 11:43:57 AM

New Simplified and Advanced scoring

We're making your initial discovery and assessment even quicker with the introduction of Simplified Scoring for applications. This produces a score based on the Rs questions and server and database technologies used by the application.

Often you may not have the time or data available during discovery and assessment, Simplified Scoring enables you to rapidly complete this phase and use the AppScore group builder and planning features to move your migration or modernisation forward.    

The Scoring questionnaire in AppScore has now been renamed Advanced Scoring. It provides you with the same highly configurable questionnaire that allows you to capture and store any data you want. Use Advanced Scoring to produce deeper, more insightful scores.

See a video demo of the new features at the bottom of this page.

Simplified/Advanced Scoring

22.07 Advanced scoring

Within applications and on the Application Summary screen it now indicates next to the score whether the application has a Simplified or Advanced score.

Under Settings, Advanced Scoring, you can view the Advanced scores in use and there's a toggle to turn Advanced Scoring on and off. Changing this setting will cause a re-score of all applications.

Grid view updates

22.07 MUI grid

MUI grids have now been rolled out across the entire platform providing a consistent look and feel with these streamlined views.

To create greater space on the screens the buttons have been moved onto the top of the grids.

Dynamic filters are continuing to be rolled out with the Server screen now having these types of filters applied.

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