An overview of AppScore release 2022.09 July 22

An overview of AppScore release 2022.09 July 22

Posted by Geoff Davies on Jul 21, 2022 11:39:02 AM

Server groups in transformation planning

AppScore's powerful planning features have been extended with the addition of Server Groups. You can now move groups of just servers or groups of servers alongside applications.

See a video demo of the new features at the bottom of this page.

Server Groups

22.09 Server screen

From the Servers screen you can now select servers and group them together.

22.09 server group

Under the Server Group tab on the left, you can see all of the groups and edit the migration activities and locations, as shown below.

22.09 server group edit

Planning server groups

In the Planning and Transformation screen use Group Manager to add the Server Group to a new or existing Move Group. Move groups can contain one or more server groups, or a combination of applications and server groups.

22.09 planning settings and est

In the Transformation Schedule screen you'll see the Server Group within the Move Groups section and Gantt chart.

To set the Effort, Duration and Cost estimates go to Planning Settings and edit the Server Groups setting accordingly. Effort can be set based on a person-day effort per server or on a fixed cost per server.

With these new Server Grouping features in AppScore the platform now covers a wider set of use cases enabling you to lift and shift servers then modernise once on cloud. 

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